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Run Sis is a #1 Amazon Best-Seller! The author's freshman is an insightful tale of young love tainted by a personality disorder. The book is a page turner embessed with sharp personal narrartives backed by research. 

Run Sis: A Survivor's Guide To Escaping Narcissistic Abuse

SKU: 0002
  • According to psychologists, a narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health issue where a person has an inflated view of themselves. Psychologists classify the three A’s of narcissist supply as a never-ending desire for adoration, adulation, and attention from their victims. Narcissistic abuse is an insidious combination of emotional and psychological abuse aimed to undermine a person's identity and destroy their self-worth.

    Narcissistic abuse is hidden, and covert-it's all about smoke and mirrors. Victims are deeply manipulated and scared to speak out due to the elaborate lies of the narcissist and trauma associated with long term exposure. If you've ever experienced the torment and cycle of narcissistic abuse, you know it's a lonely road to travel. A true narcissist knows no boundaries; their goal is to obtain complete control and attention over their agents and victims. Their natural charisma and charm enable them to weave tangled webs of deception, leaving their victims feeling isolated, powerless, and "crazy."

    Run Sis will give you the tools to detect a narcissist in your life, identify your areas of vulnerability, avoid their traps (gaslighting, victim-blaming, triangulation), protect your integrity, and endure the recovery stage. Throughout the book, you will find deeply personal stories from the author's life experiences living in the fog.

    Run Sis will empower survivors to break free from abuse, shed the shame, and live their best lives!

  • All Rights are reserved to Charisma Deberry and The Bossy Bureau, LLC. Any duplication or reproduction is unauthorized. 

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