Hard times can weigh heavily on your self-esteem and threaten to destroy your confidence. Confidence is a critical component to operate at your peak performance. For times when you’re running low on motivation to accomplish your goals, you must be equipped with a Confidence Tool Kit.



Most of us have been triggered by world events, people, etc. that force us to confront the unknown. These circumstances can send us into a freefall of emotion and fear. It’s hard not to take these unexpected disruptions personally when they affect our daily lives and long-term plans. 


I think of the ‘Confidence Tool Kit’ as my private stash of techniques that can be used to keep my spirits up, fight off self-doubt and maintain my internal beliefs at their healthiest level. These tools are always accessible because they come from me. I’m confident they will work for you too.



It can be unnerving when the universe challenges boundaries we’ve built around ourselves and the very essence of our being. Our purpose is bigger than moments, places, and things so we shouldn’t be unraveled by these shifts. 


By creating a personal mission statement, you are professing who you are and why you’re here. Take your time and think about what that means at your best, what makes you proud, what are your deepest values, and the legacy you want to leave. 


When you feel your confidence slipping, practice reciting it to reinforce your mission.



It sounds a little pretentious, but trust me – it works! The ‘Boss List’ is a personal collection of reminders of your best self.


It can be electronic, i.e. e-mails that make you feel good, great feedback from a client, message from a friend, screenshots you saved for laughs, pictures you slayed, or even logging into your bank account. It can also be tangible, i.e. your diploma, favorite sweatshirt, a souvenir, or sentimental gift. 


Your ‘Boss List’ can include anything that makes you proud. These important, personal symbols of your success can spark a confidence boost. Sometimes you need to remind yourself … I’m a BOSS!



Willpower is noted as the single most important factor in success. Accomplished people are often underscored by healthy, mental and physical habits that require discipline and motivation to fulfill.  You have to exercise willpower through rigid routines that are unshaken by outside forces. Hold yourself to a standard even when it’s easy to slip. 


Try these tools to start establishing a ritual:


  1. Set your alarm clock. Every day, yes, even on weekends and days off! Take ownership of your life. You require structure for self-awareness. 

  2. Set aside time to mediate. Regardless of your spiritual affiliation, meditation is simply taking uninterrupted time to process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

  3. Exercise. Make time for physical activity in whatever form suits your lifestyle. 

  4. Fuel. Breakfast! Every morning set aside time for the most important meal of the day. 

  5. Connect. Make human interaction a priority on your to-do list, i.e. call your bestie or meet up with a parent.  


As a bonus, write down three things that would make the day great first thing in the morning and text it yourself. Today, I will be ___________. This simple action will help you wake up with optimism and focus.


Sewing into others is our greatest asset. Reach out to someone who might need some encouragement. A simple wink, hug, or even a smiling emoji can turn someone’s day around. Dig deep when you feel like you’re not enough. Tap into what inspired you to this point and pass it on to others!

Charisma's Confidence Tool Kit

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